December 5th was NSPCC Number Day here at St Aidan’s. We spent the whole day having fun with maths and numbers and raised money for charity at the same time.

We started off with a whole school maths quizz in the hall ( complete with the Countdown clock and music) which ended in a draw between Tees and Derwent. Well done to everyone who took part and tackled those very tricky questions.

After that each class played number games and took on maths challenges which was lots of fun too.

We also held the Times Table Throw-A-Thon, which your children have been collecting sponsor money for. All the money raised will go to the NSPCC and the children’s times tables seem to have really come on too!

And did I mention we did all this wearing number-decorated clothes? Yes, we do like numbers here at St Aidan’s!


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