Year 2 have had such a fun week!

Yesterday, we visited The Castle Keep in Newcastle as part of our topic, Towers, Tunnels and Turrets.

We visited the rooftop terrace and explored the rest of the castle including the King and Queen’s Chambers.

It has been Christmas Jumper Day today. We all looked amazing in our jumpers! We had a very special visitor in Year 2 as well…. Santa Claus! We asked Santa Claus some questions about Christmas, his reindeers and his favourite food. We were so lucky to also receive a box of chocolates as a special treat!

DSCN0573 DSCN0574 DSCN0575 DSCN0581 DSCN0583 DSCN0585 DSCN0587 DSCN0588 DSCN0593 DSCN0596 DSCN0599 DSCN0601 DSCN0602 DSCN0604 DSCN0606 DSCN0609 DSCN0610 DSCN0611 DSCN0612 DSCN0613 DSCN0615 DSCN0620 DSCN0621 DSCN0622 DSCN0623

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