On Friday afternoon we had a visit from Fireman Bri, he had come from the fire station to teach us all about fire safety! He taught us what to do if we ever saw a fire and all of the important things we must remember if there is ever a fire at home or school.

Fireman Bri brought in his fire suit and even let one of us try it on, he told us that the suits have reflective lights on just like our homework bags so that we can be seen in the dark. We learnt how to stop drop and roll and we watched a fireman sam video!

For our homework this week Fireman Bri has asked us all to check that at home we have a fire alarm that works because they are so important he even said that if we don’t have one that works we can get one from the fire station. We had lots of fun with Fireman Bri and hope to see him again.




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