For Art Week, we studied a painting called Mr and Mrs Andrews, by Thomas Gainsborough.

We listened to a piece of music that went with it and heard lots of birds tweeting in the sky.

We were surprised to see there were no birds in the picture. We think it was because it is a painting and not a photograph, so the artist might have missed the birds out.

We decided to make our own birds to be a part of the picture. We used pasta to add texture to our birds and then finished by painting them. We then designed some paper mache birds. We will be painting our birds after half term once the glue has dried and displaying them in our classroom.

We also think that the background of the picture was part of a farm. We thought about all of the foods we find on a farm and decided to make cheese straws. They were delicious!

As an extra treat because of all our hard work this week, Miss. Greenwell and Mrs. Dryden bought us pancakes to have with nutella spread with us not being in school on Pancake day! These too were also yummy!

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