Before our Easter holidays, our caterpillars were still in their chrysalis’. Miss. Greenwell took the chrysalis’ home to take care of them and awaited the butterflies arrival! On Good Friday, two of the butterflies came out of their chrysalis’ and Miss. Greenwell named them Bangers and Mash. On Friday 10th April, our other two butterflies came out of their chrysalis’. Miss Greenwell named them Jam and Toast. Miss. Greenwell kept the butterflies in their home for a few days before having to let them fly off to their new homes. We could only release them once their wings were fully formed and had developed strong. Year 2 were fantastic at taking care of the butterflies from the very start when they came to us as tiny caterpillars. Bangers, Mash, Jam and Toast all had a lovely send off to their new homes!

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