Yesterday, as part of our topic ‘Beachcombers’, Year 2 visited the Blue Reef Aquarium and Tynemouth beach.

We walked around the aquarium and spotted lots of different types of fish. Our favourite was the clown fish because it reminded us so much of Nemo! We also seen seahorses, crabs, stingrays, seals, otters, monkeys and an iguana.

We had a lovely walk on the beach and made our own home for sea creatures. We used sand, seaweed, stones and shells to make a perfect home for them.

As we walked further along the beach, we spotted two lifeguards. They came over and talked to us about what their job entails. They told us what the different flags mean on the beach and what you should do if you are in trouble in the water. We also had the opportunity to ask the lifeguards lots of different questions.

As a special treat, the children could choose whether to buy something from the aquarium gift shop or have an ice cream!

We had an amazing day!

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