This week is International week.

Today, a parent of one of our children from school, who is from Catalonia, came into our school and taught us lots of new things to do with her home country and nationality. We learned about different Catalan traditions.

One Catalan tradition is to make a ‘Casteller’ which is known as a ‘human tower’. This is where lots of people dress up in Catalan clothing and make a tower out of humans! This looked very scary because of how tall the tower is. Gemma told us that strength, determination and bravery is the key!

For food, Catalan’s eat lots of mushrooms and snails. A food tradition is also bread wrapped in tomatoes and peppers.

Catalonia has a lot of dance festivals on throughout the year. The people who dance are not professionals, they dance to have fun and enjoy each festival.

At Halloween, people who live in Catalonia, eat barbeque chestnuts on Halloween night.

A big tradition is also St. George’s Day. Men give women a red rose and women give men a book. The markets are always very busy on St. George’s Day.

There are 10,213 Catalans who live in the United Kingdom.

We have learnt lots today about Catalonia. Everything we have learnt has been so interesting!

Thank you again Gemma!

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