This morning Year 3 enjoyed a trip to Tesco… but it wasn’t any ordinary shopping trip to Tesco! We were very excited to go ‘behind-the-scenes’ and go to places not normally open to the public. First we visited the bakery and found out how bread is made in the supermarket. We talked about the ingredients needed to make bread and saw the huge ovens, mixing and wrapping machines in action. Then we were taken to the deli counter. We enjoyed tasting different cheeses and even made our own pizzas! When we arrived back in school, our school kitchen very kindly cooked our pizzas. They were delicious!

We found the ‘Free-from’ range in the aisles and talked about why these foods are so important for some children in our class. Then we visited the fish counter and fresh fruit and vegetable aisles to investigate where different fish, fruit and vegetables come from.

Finally we were taken into the gigantic fridge and freezer where the food is stored. It was very, very, very cold!

We really enjoyed our visit to Tesco and learnt a lot about where food comes from and how bread is made. We were able to taste lots and lots of food too. It was all   scrumdiddlyumptious!

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