Today, Year 2 visited Hartlepool Marina Centre as part of our topic ‘Land Ahoy’.

We went on board a ship called HMS Trincomalee. We found out how sailors lived on board the ship many years ago. We found out that sailors, officers and the captain each lived differently on board a ship. The sailors had to share toilets with 200 men. They ate 3 square meals a day which was usually a stew and dumpling and a hard biscuit. They slept in hammocks alongside each other. The officers and captain lived very differently. They had the luxury of sleeping on their own. They all ate around a beautiful table together and ate lots of different meat and fish. We were amazed to see how many cannons were on the ship. Our tour leader showed us how sailors would shoot cannon balls at enemies.

We were so lucky to learn how to tie ropes into special knots. We each had a go at turning the wheel that would tighten the rope. As a treat, we were able to bring home the ropes we made.

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