This half term, Year 5 has been learning about The Medieval times, we have mostly been looking at The Black Death. To end our Topic, we made some Medieval Gyngerbreade ( strange spelling, isn’t it? )for a treat. Some of us loved it but others thought it was a bit too spicy!

Check out the photos…

IMGP0378 IMGP0379 IMGP0380 IMGP0381 IMGP0382 IMGP0383 IMGP0384 IMGP0385 IMGP0386 IMGP0388 IMGP0389 IMGP0390 IMGP0391 IMGP0392 IMGP0393 IMGP0394 IMGP0395 IMGP0396 IMGP0397 IMGP0398 IMGP0399  IMGP0401 IMGP0403 IMGP0404 IMGP0405 IMGP0406 IMGP0407 IMGP0408   IMGP0411 IMGP0412 IMGP0417 IMGP0418 IMGP0419  IMGP0421 IMGP0422 IMGP0423 IMGP0425 IMGP0426 IMGP0427


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