Would you like to win a fabulous writing hamper full of amazing prizes?

If that’s a yes, then we would like you to take part in our Take One Picture St. Aidan’s Writing Competition!

We have been looking at the painting ‘A Roman Triumph’ by Peter Rubens.

Can you write something about this picture?


What do you think happens next?

What happened before the parade?

Write as a character or animal from the painting – give them names, jobs and personalities.

Write a story, a recount, a postcard, a diary entry or a newspaper report about the day.

Include exciting words to engage the reader.


If you would like to take part in the competition, can you please write no more than A4 paper and please hand it in to Mrs. Crawley by Thursday 4th February.


Year 1 and 2


Year 3 and 4:


Year 5 and 6:


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