This morning Year 3 enjoyed a visit to St. Mary’s Church Heritage Centre on Newcastle Quayside. We were very surprised to find out that St. Mary’s Church is over 850 years old! We learnt about the 1854 Great Fire of Gateshead and imagined what it was like to live and work in Gateshead over 100 years ago.

We went on a tour of the Quayside visiting key places from the story of the fire. We visited the place where the warehouses and factories stood that caught fire and exploded, the old Tyne Bridge and a Newcastle house that survived the fire. We acted out parts of the story, learning about how horse-drawn fire brigades from Newcastle, Gateshead, Morpeth, Hexham and Sunderland had tried to put out the fire using manpower, and sang ‘Gateshead’s Burning’ by the Swing Bridge. We imagined the sights and sounds of that terrible night, and were glad to hear that they finally stopped the fire using firebreaks.

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