Today in P.E Year 1 had their very own multi-skills competition in the hall. They took turns at each station and had to score as many points for their team as they could in the given time.

At station 1 the children had to work as a team to navigate the zig-zag run as many times as they could.

At station 2 the children had 4 bean bags to throw towards the hoops and the chance to score up to 12 points for their team.

At station 3 the children had to throw the ball against the wall and catch it again as many times as they could in 30 seconds.

At station 4 the children had to try and get all of the balls from each of the 6 cones and put them into the basket in the middle for 1 point and try and get them back onto the cones again within 30 seconds for 2 points for their team.

After all rounds had been played the Tees House (in Yellow bands) won with a grand total of 147 points! Well done to all of the Year 1 children for taking part! As you can see from the photographs below, we have had lots of fun today!

IMGP0756 IMGP0757 IMGP0758 IMGP0759 IMGP0760 IMGP0761 IMGP0762 IMGP0763 IMGP0764 IMGP0765 IMGP0766 IMGP0767 IMGP0768 IMGP0769 IMGP0770 IMGP0771 IMGP0772 IMGP0773 IMGP0774 IMGP0775 IMGP0776 IMGP0777 IMGP0778 IMGP0779 IMGP0780 IMGP0781 IMGP0782 IMGP0783 IMGP0784 IMGP0785 IMGP0786 IMGP0787 IMGP0788 IMGP0789 IMGP0790 IMGP0791 IMGP0793 IMGP0794

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