This week Year 1 went on a trip to help start off our topic ‘Plants. On arrival we met Joanne the lady who took us round that morning. We started off by pond dipping to look for smaller animals among the plants. We even got to use a waterproof camera to see them on the big screen. After that we went for a walk around the grounds and saw some of the local wildlife, we got to feed the ducks and then went to meet the otters. Joanne then took us into the woods to tell us more about the trees and plants there. We had a great time we hope you enjoy looking at our photos.

IMGP0865 IMGP0866 IMGP0867 IMGP0868 IMGP0869 IMGP0870 IMGP0871 IMGP0872 IMGP0873 IMGP0874 IMGP0875 IMGP0883 IMGP0884 IMGP0885 IMGP0886 IMGP0887 IMGP0888 IMGP0889 IMGP0890 IMGP0891 IMGP0934 IMGP0935 IMGP0936 IMGP0937 IMGP0938 IMGP0939 IMGP0949 IMGP0950 IMGP0951 IMGP0952 IMGP0953

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