Today Year 3 enjoyed taking part in a carousel of art activities, inspired by our study of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Last week we looked closely at Neolithic patterns and carvings. We made a collage to showcase the variety of patterns, then designed our own pattern using the same curves, swirls and geometric lines. Today we used cardboard and string to make a printing block, which we will use on Thursday to make prints of these Neolithic patterns.

To tie in with our report writing about Stonehenge this week in English, we decided to sketch Stonehenge, using different hardness and thickness of pencil to show shadow and tone.

We also used photographs of Neolithic patterns to weave, just as the Bronze Age people will have done using wool to make clothes.

DSC02948 DSC02952 DSC02953 DSC02954 DSC02955 DSC02956 DSC02958 DSC02959 DSC02960 DSC02961 DSC02962 DSC02963 DSC02965 DSC02966

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