Year 2 have had such a busy week so far and it’s not even Friday yet!

We started our new topic ‘The Victorians’. The children had pictures of objects which they had to sort into correct columns of ‘past’ or ‘present’.

In P.E each week, the children will be taking part in Gymnastic lessons. On Tuesday, the children learnt how to stretch properly before a gymnastics class. They also learnt how to do a forward roll and a teddy bear roll.

In Literacy, we have started to read a book called ‘Grace and Family’. The book is about a young girl named Grace who lives with her Mum and Grandma. It tells the story of how she flies over to see her Dad who lives in Africa and her experience whilst over there. In class, we have talked about how every family is different. The children had to draw a picture of their own family at home and write sentences about what they enjoy doing with their families after school, on weekends and during holiday time.

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