As you may or may not be aware, a new app has hit the stores called Pokemon Go. The app is very popular with children and adults alike, but it may be worth noting that it is recommended for ages 9 and above. In basic terms the app works by using the GPS on the device to guide the user around the local area via maps. The aim is to find the Pokemon characters. Unfortunately this poses several concerns:

Stranger Danger – there are reports of adults trying to befriend children visiting the sites where the Pokemon are found.
Outdoor Safety – children crossing roads, getting lost or visiting places they are not allowed.
In-app purchases – Children can buy Pokecoins using the app.
Mobile Data use – As the app relies on GPS tracking, data can be heavily used through the app.

Sites which can give you more information are Internet Matters and SaferInternet

If you would like anymore advice, please speak to Mr Thorogood

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