This morning Year 2 welcomed the Deputy Mayor of Gateshead to St Aidan’s. We were so very excited that she was able to come, especially after we had worked so hard on writing her letters and invitations in English! The Deputy Mayor of Gateshead told us all about her roles and responsibilities as Deputy Mayor and the macebearer gave us a brief talk on the purpose and history of the robes, mace and chains. It was very interesting to find out about how she helps all communities in Gateshead. We were able to ask her lots of questions about her very important job.

Then we showed her all of our hard work from this half term. She was very impressed with our Newcastle and Gateshead poems, maps of Teams and artwork. She also commented that she had never heard the Blaydon Races song sang so well. Well done Year 2, you did yourselves and your teachers proud!

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