This half term in geography, our topic is The Frozen Kingdom. We have been learning about the similarities and differences of both the North and South Pole.

To expand our polar knowledge, we had a ‘Polar Day’ which was fantastic! Malu Avila came in to tell us lots of different facts about the Polar regions. Malu let us carry out some experiments and activities relating to the polar regions, one of them was finding out about blubber and how it keeps animals warm in the icy water- we covered our hands in lard and dipped it in cold water, it wasn’t cold at all! We also found out how glaciers form on mountains, to give us a better idea of how this works we made a mountain out of play dough and poured a mixture of cornflour and water down the mountain to see how a glacier forms. Malu even brought some of her snow suites she wears when visiting the polar regions and some of us even tried them on.

We had a fantastic day and have learnt lots of new things on our new topic.

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