We were very fortunate in Year 4 today, as one of our parents arrived in school to provide our children with some fantastic information linking to our Geography topic. Since we have been building our subject knowledge towards glass production, we were fortunate enough to receive a first-hand look at some of the final products that come off the production line in specialised glass factories. After a thrilling discussion regarding the diverse strengths and types of glass needed in different vehicles, we then found out about bullet proof glass and the process involved in the production of this durable, life-saving glass. With lots of new information to discuss and write about, Year 4 and Mr Dunnigan would like to thank our parents for their constant support towards our learning. As well as a few photos from this morning’s discussion, we also have a short video that led into our topic. This short film displays how our Year 4 children are becoming very confident with their own group/ independent research and presentation of new topics.

IMG_0636[1] IMG_0637[1] IMG_0632[1] IMG_0633[1] IMG_0635[1] IMG_0689[1] IMG_0686[1]



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