Yesterday, Year 2 visited the RNLI Grace Darling museum in Bamburgh as part of our Grace Darling history topic. After a very long bus ride, we arrived in sunny Bamburgh and enjoyed looking around the museum exhibit. We saw lots of Grace’s old possessions including her christening gown and bonnet, her cradle and a medal she received for her bravery. We even spotted Grace’s coble, the little rowing boat that she used to rescue the survivors! Then we met Grace Darling’s mother, Thomasin, who told us the story of Grace’s daring rescue of the nine survivors from the shipwreck SS Forfarshire. Did you know that the nine survivors were so grateful for Grace’s courage that they sent her a locket with each of their hairs in? She also showed us some household artefacts that were used in the Victorian times such as a carpet beater, spinning wheel and washboard. After our lunch, we visited the Grace Darling memorial in St Aidan’s churchyard in Bamburgh. It was very special to see the monument that Queen Victoria helped to pay for to remember Grace’s actions!

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