As part of our Design Technology topic ‘Model Lighthouses’, today Year 2 visited St. Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay. We walked up 137 steps to the top of the lighthouse to see the lantern room where the light is, which is used to warn ships of nearby rocks. It was very tiring! Then we walked around the lighthouse and learnt about famous shipwrecks of Whitley Bay such as the California. Finally we took part in a workshop called ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lives’ to find out about the daily life of a lighthouse keeper. Some of us even got to try on some lighthouse keeper’s clothes!

IMG_1640 IMG_1650 IMG_1652 IMG_1655 IMG_1666 IMG_1670 IMG_1685 IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1697 IMG_1703 IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1713 IMG_1714 IMG_1716 IMG_1717 IMG_1719 IMG_1720 IMG_1721


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