This morning, 4 children from Year 2 walked to Kelvin Grove Primary School to attend an Able Writer’s Day. When we arrived, we met an author called Nick Tuczek. He is a writer of children’s poetry. He read one of this poems called ‘The Dragon who ate our school’. The children joined in with repeating rhyme patterns.

For their first writing job, they had to write their own ‘Hooray! Boo!’ poems using rhyming words.

Their second job was to list an alphabet of words that end in the ‘oo’ sound. They then used these rhyming words to write their very own poem.

Their final writing piece was to write about their memories. The children talked about their first time memories which included: when they first learned to swim, their first best friend and something they ate for the first time but didn’t enjoy. They then wrote about what happened during these first memories, who was with them and what was said.

Throughout the day Nick read out loud some of his poems and also surprised the children by telling them he was a magician! He performed some of his magic tricks which the children thoroughly enjoyed!

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