After months of communication, preparations and discussion, we are almost ready for our first ever trip to Thiene, Italy. However, in the mix of planning, translating and excitement we have had some fantastic cultural connections shared between our children at St. Aidan’s and their counterparts in Thiene.

In early February, Mr Dunnigan made his way over to Thiene to see how the Italian preparations had commenced… He was amazed! Not only had our Thiene parents been discussing the trip, they had actually organised a group raffle which raised a staggering amount of money.  This was then followed by our Italian children creating some videos and fantastic songs. Nonetheless, our Thiene pen pals had some questions they were desperate to ask us all. Take a look at the beautiful series of exciting discussions that followed in the latter weeks.


One of our Italian mothers can be seen directing our Thiene children as they read out the winning raffle numbers for their fundraiser.


Here, we see a selection of our Thiene children stretching their vocabulary with a few funny voices. They loved recording these videos and sending a short message to our St. Aidan’s children. Exciting times…


This video shows how we like to send each other some famous songs in different languages to help when learning new vocabulary.

If Italy is even half as exciting as these videos, we know we’ll be in for a once in a lifetime experience.

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