Italia 2017 – La Vita Bella

After a fantastic trip to Italy, St. Aidan’s have returned home with some lasting impressions and profound memories. We feel very fortunate to have met and formed relationships with our counterparts in Thiene, Italy.

From waking up early on that first day, our children represented their school with pride. They had a fantastic experience and exchanged details with a number of their new Italian friends. We would like to thank our parents and staff for all their work, commitment and kind words of support towards this year’s Italy trip. As a special mention we would like to thank Mrs Steele for her continued support with the trip and of course all the Italian children/ parents/ teachers and community who made this trip a success.

Finally, we would ask Maestra Raffa to display this video to her children and their families in Thiene, in the hope that they may repeat this trip themselves on English soil very soon…

Keep up to date with our blog here at St. Aidan’s to find out more regarding our MFL connections and potential future trips to Italy 2018.
Ciao for now.

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