Ciao a tutti!
After an amazing few days, both in school and travelling the entire North East, our Italian friends have returned home to Thiene. Whilst here, they had a chance to experience the delights of the North East and beyond. Visiting numerous different historical locations such as: Alnwick Castle, York Minster Abbey, Bamburgh and our own iconic city and coastline. However, the main reasons for their visit were always to experience a new culture and for our children to develop new friendships with their counterparts from a different area of Europe. This idea of a cultural exchange was epitomised on Monday, when both parents and children enjoyed diverse and interesting educational visits. Whilst our children learnt about communication in creative lessons, our parents had a chance to visit the North East’s cultural hub that is Durham; situated on our doorstep. Furthermore, after an exchange of confirmations from both Head teachers to further develop this link, we left our Italian counterparts with a taste of the North East at our food culture evening.
We would like to thank the support of both members of staff from St. Aidan’s and San Giovanni Bosco, especially our Head teachers (Mrs Steele and Francesco Crivellaro). Moreover, we were honoured to be represented by the council of Thiene and Anna Binotto who spoke on the Mayor’s behalf. Finally, we would like to thank all our parents and of course, children for their hard work and dedication to extending our wonderful connection with this Italian school.
We have left footprints in the sand ready to be filled with knowledge…
Grazie a voi.

Mr. Dunnigan.

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