On Monday, Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Wartime Jo. She taught us about rationing during wartime and told us about how people had to be rather inventive with their food to make it last! We made and tasted lots of different sandwich fillings such as Mock Banana (made with parsnips), cheese and leek spread and cheese and cabbage spread. We used rationed foods and vegetables that could be easily grown on British land in gardens, allotments and farms. Then we tasted pickled eggs before making some of our own and tried a pudding made from apples, fresh orange juice, condensed milk and nuts.

Some of us loved the food whilst some of us thought that we would have struggled to live during wartime Britain!

On Tuesday we visited Beamish museum to take part in ‘A parcel from Home’ workshop. We met a young girl whose brother was in the British army fighting in Belgium during World War One. We talked about what life was like for him in the trenches and helped to make a parcel for him with different things he may like such as tea, biscuits, socks, a pencil and paper. We enjoyed visiting the town grocery, post office and sweet shop to buy these objects using pennies. Then we explored the pit village, school and town houses to learn more about life on the home front during the early 1900s. We also enjoyed riding on the tram throughout the day!




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