Last Friday , we went to the Baltic to take part in a materials workshop.We had a fun afternoon making mobiles using a variety of materials such as wood, sandpaper, wool and fabric. We used the scientific words rough, smooth, hard, soft , opaque and transparent. We started this week with our Achievers Assembly which was all about God’s amazing creation. We enjoyed sharing our reflections with the whole school and all the parents who came to support us. This was then followed by an Advent themed chapel service with Reverend Yvonne. Yesterday, we enjoyed a music workshop and played different instruments to create Christmas songs.At the end of the day in assembly we even got to share ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ played on special tubes. To finish the week we are putting the final touches to our Victorian model cars that we have spent weeks researching, sketching, planning and building. Keep visiting our page to see what we are up to in the next couple of weeks.

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