For this half term’s Geography topic ‘Me and My World’ Year 2 visited a South American restaurant called Las Iguanas to taste some South American food.

We were greeted by a waiter called Tom who talked about what kind of food we would be tasting. Our starter included quesadillas and nachos with various dips such as guacamole, salsa and even jalapenos! They were hot, hot, hot! We then enjoyed tortilla wraps with chilli, peanut and vegetable curry called ‘Zim Zim’, rice and chips made from turnip! As an extra special treat we had the chance to taste churros for our dessert. We enjoyed these with a side of chocolate and caramel sauces. The churros were very popular!

Some of the children were also chosen to make some mocktails. Myself, Miss Sutcliffe, Mrs Bishop and Lindsey were lucky enough to taste the drinks! We were very pleased with the children’s mocktail skills. They were yummy!



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