Following on from snow week, we were finally able to meet the author Mike Barfield. His visit was well worth the wait! Mike entertained us with a show based around his book, ‘Swat.’
Mike trained as a biologist before becoming an author. He taught us that everywhere on the planet there are flies. With audience participation we investigated how many legs insects have and how they have skeletons on the outside. We then sang the song, ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ to learn about an insect’s body parts ‘head, thorax, abdomen.’ Following this we investigated how lava and maggots are also insects but they have no legs on show. We were challenged to make the sound of a fly by using a comb and piece of paper. Unfortunately it was too difficult, try it at home!
Links were made to the germs and viruses flies spread from tasting through the soles of their feet! Think of where their feet have been!!! Did you know flies go to the toilet every five minutes too!!! Flies don’t have teeth so they regurgitate food from their stomach onto what they want to eat to dissolve it and then drink it. Would you eat your food after a fly has landed on it???
Did you know that fly swats have holes in them so you can get close to a fly to kill it, newspapers blow the fly away so make it harder to hit them.

Who can remember what the big number at the end of the photo gallery means?

Take a look below at the fantastic show!

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