Today we were discussing when God’s set of rules clash with human rules. We listened to the story of Mark when Jesus worked on the Sabbath (Saturday) to heal a man with a shrivelled hand. As this was the Sabbath, Jesus should not have worked. We discussed how Jesus was helping someone and in our lives we may encounter experiences where we have to choose the correct path, even if it does break a rule.

Reverend Meg linked the Sabbath to the Jewish faith where they rest on a Saturday and do not even turn a light on! She explained how Sunday is our day of rest as that is the day Jesus rose again.

An example of God’s rules clashing with human rules is stealing. According to God, we should not steal, however would it be a sin if a parent wanting to feed their starving child takes food from a shop’s bin?

This service was a great way to round off our Chapel services in Year 6.


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