Some children from Year 1 and 2 walked to Kelvin Grove this week to take part in an Able Writer’s Day. The children were greeted by an author called Karen Langtree who talked to the children about what an author is and what books she has written.

The book Karen focused on was called ‘Knights of the Wobbly table’. She read the blurb of the book so the children could imagine what the book was about. The children had to complete a wordsearch by finding words relating to knights and castles. They then made their own armour badge. One of the characters from her book Sir Trumpsalot even came into the classroom to surprise the children! As you can tell from his name he trumps all the time! The children then took part in a knights quiz. For each question they answered correctly the team was given a piece of knight clothing. At the end of the quiz the fastest team to get dressed up as a knight was the winning team! The children then wrote a knight acrostic poem followed by interviewing Sir Trumpsalot. He told us that he has slayed 311 dragons and showed us how he does it. It was very interesting! We then created our very own knight character and wrote about where he/she is from, who their friends/enemies are and what their best qualities are. Some of the children even had the chance to dress up as a knight!

After lunch, the children created a wanted poster of a dragon. They named their dragon, wrote about what crime the dragon had been a part of and what the reward would be for the capture of dragon. Before writing our knight story the children talked to their partner about what was going to happen in their story. They used fantastic sentence openers and adjectives. Their stories were brilliant. The children had great fun using their imagination!


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