We have had a very fun and exciting week in Year 2 because it has been Sports Week.

On Tuesday the children took part in Hoopstarz. They learnt how to hula hoop and how to use the hula hoop in different ways with their bodies.

On Wednesday Circus Skills were in school The children used a hula hoop to perform lots of tricks and at the end of the lesson some children were chosen to practice juggling bean bags whilst the other children learned how to hula hoop using an extra large hoop. This was very hard to do!

On Thursday it was our whole school Sports Day where every child took part in a sports event which included the egg and spoon race, 60m sprint and the hurdles. We encouraged each other in our house groups to try their best in each of our races. Well Done again to Tees house who won Sports Day this year!

Today the children were so excited to hear we were going to learn how to play basketball. They each had their own ball where they learned how to dribble, throw the ball to a partner and then how to defend. The children then used basketball hoops to see how many balls they could shoot into the net. We definitely have some future basketball players in our class!


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