Welcome back to Year 1 after the summer holidays! What a positive start to the school year we have had! We have been discussing our class rules and making posters to display in our classroom. We made our rules to keep our friends and teachers safe and to create the best learning environment that we can. We have a very busy year ahead and have already had many lessons to get us started on our learning journey. In Science we have started learning about the human body and even made parts of the body from play dough and drew around our friends to label the outline. We looked at different house types in our Geography lesson and can now tell you what type of house we live in. In RE we heard the Creation Story from the Bible and can retell the key parts. We made a sequence of pictures to represent this which will be displayed in our hall very soon. We started our year with a very active PE lesson by practising our throwing skills and had a house group competition, the blue fish won! We also practised a new game of ‘turtle tag’ in our warm up which got our hearts beating very fast. As you can see we have been very busy. We are all looking forward to the exciting trips and learning opportunities that are yet to come this term.

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