As part of our ‘houses and homes’ Design Technology topic we visited Alnwick Castle to look at the structure of a castle and a treehouse as we will be building models of different home types from around the world. We know that people can live in both these styles of houses. To begin the day we had a workshop which gave us some background knowledge to the castle and we heard some very exciting and funny tales based on people who would live in castles. After enjoying lunch in the castle courtyard we explored the castle and even found some cannons. After this we went to look at a treehouse. We were surprised at how many different shapes we could see. Our favourite part was the wobbly bridge connecting different parts of the treehouse. Finally we went to Bockenfield Holiday Park and looked at caravans and log cabins as these can be homes too. We discussed the different features, the size and shape of each house type. We have been thinking about which one we will choose to build a model of in the upcoming weeks for our Design Technology project.

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