As part of our RE topic ‘The Bible’, we had a special visitor in our classroom yesterday afternoon! Reverend Meg from St Chad’s Church came to talk to us about the Bible and how it is used in the Church and in her daily life. She told us about why the Bible is so important for Christians and showed us lots of Bibles in different languages. Did you know that the Bible has been translated into 670 different languages?

We found out that the Old Testament was first written in Hebrew whilst the New Testament was first written in Greek then it was translated into English at a later date. Reverend Meg really impressed us with her Greek speaking skills! Reverend Meg told us that the Bible is made up of 66 books and contains lots of stories about God and Jesus. She even shared some of her favourite stories with us. We would like to thank Reverend Meg for answering all of our questions.

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