Year 4 visited the Roman fort of Segedunum. In the morning we learned about the Celts and dressed up as them. We discovered the foods they would eat and how tomatoes, sweet corn and peppers hadn’t been imported to England at this time. People would eat stews and soups, adding broccoli, cabbage and leek to them. We then learned about Boudicca and the Iceni tribe. When the Romans visited they gave the Iceni tribe tomatoes, gold and other riches. They lived in harmony but when the King died and Boudicca took over as Queen, the Romans began to take over the country as they did not believe a woman should lead a country. Boudicca took her own life as she did not want to live under Roman rule. To finish off our morning we made Celtic bracelets, tattooed our hands like the Celts and learned how to make a Celtic roundhouse.

During the afternoon we investigated the Roman history of Segedunum. We learned about the buildings and how six soldiers were cramped into a bedroom. We also found out cavalry soldiers had to sleep in rooms next to their horses – 3 horses and 3 soldiers to a room. Did you know the Romans invented concrete and cement. We got to walk around the fort and even stood in the bank! The Romans even had communal toilets where they sat together. They used a sponge dipped in water and vinegar for toilet roll! Frogs were used in hospitals to try and clean rotten flesh, if this didn’t work then amputation took place, wrapping the wound in brass. We got to see the real height Hadrian’s Wall was and re-enacted how the soldiers would throw stones at invaders. What a great day we had.

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