Today in Year 3 we had a very special visitor in class to teach us all about the Stone Age. The children took part in lots of different activities to help them learn more about what life was like thousands of years ago.

One of the tasks this morning involved Dr Jo the Historian building a human timeline using some of the children and a piece of string.The string started in 2018 and travelled over 17,000 years ago all the way to the Paliolithic times. We also learnt about our ancestors and how we evolved as people.

Before break time Jo introduced us to cave painting! She showed us how to use powder and water to create a painting using our fingers which is known as finger fluting. Some of our paintings included mammoths and bulls.

Once we finished our paintings Jo showed us some of the prehistoric homes that people used lived in. We then took on the role as a hunter-gatherer and played a game where we had to collect as much food as we could. The food had to be the best we could find!

After lunch Jo showed us lots of different artefacts from thousands of years ago. We discussed in a circle what the objects were and what they would be used for. We then learnt how to weave and how to start a fire.

Throughout the day we astonished Jo with our fantastic knowledge of prehistory from what we have learnt in class this half term.



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