As part of our RE topic,’Judaism’ we have been learning about The Exodus story and Passover.

Michael Glickman, a member of the local Jewish community, came in to talk to us about the Jewish Passover and the history of the Jewish religion. He talked us through the story of Moses and linked it to how and why Jewish people celebrate Passover every year.This really brought the story and history to life for us.Mr Glickman spoke about the preparation needed for a Seder to take place and went through the order of events.We even got to taste some matzah,which is unleavened bread.

We learnt about the history of the Jewish religion which traces back to Abraham over 3,500 years ago. Mr Glickman explained that Jewish people in one God and believe that God has no physical form,that’s why in the Jewish religion there are no images,statues or paintings of God.


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