As part of our World War One week, year 4 were joined by Richard Stevenson, That History Bloke,  and learned about Thomas Young, a soldier from High Spen who received the Victoria Cross. At first the children studied the 1911 census and learned about Thomas’ family. He had 5 brothers and 3 sisters! 

Thomas joined the Durham Light Infantry as a stretcher bearer. It was a dangerous job trying to rescue fallen soldiers in No Man’s Land where the mud was so deep it could swallow men and horses! If you look in the photographs below you can see the children taking on the role of stretcher bearers… Next the children got to pretend they were nurses by dressing their friend’s wounds. 

Richard shared various objects from 100 years ago and some replicas. The children got to see and hold uniforms, mess tins, entrenchment tools, biscuit and cracker tins, bandages, trigger mittens, trench whistles, periscope, bullet cases and shell cases.

Thomas Young received his Victoria Cross by bravely rescuing 9 people who had been injured in No Man’s Land. He saved their lives with no thought of his own safety, what a hero!

Thank you for a great afternoon Richard


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