Today Year 3 took part in a WW1 workshop.

Richard That History Guy came into class to talk about life in WW1. The first activity the children took part in was a quiz where the children had to use a census from 1911 to answer questions about the Young Family who lived in Willington Quay. Richard then talked about High Spen in 1914 and High Spen now. Using photographs the children discussed the similarities and differences between then and now.

After break time Richard showed the children a stretcher that was used over 100 years ago. He explained to the children that some men were stretcher bearers. If a person was hurt two stretcher bearers would carry the person back to safety in the trenches. He then showed us how bandages would be worn if someone had hurt themselves. We then had a go at bandaging each others arms, heads and wrists. Richard then spoke to us about what life was like in the trenches. The children learnt about trench foot, what soldiers had to wear to protect them from deadly gases and what soldiers would eat and drink each day.

At the end of the workshop the children had the chance to hold some real WW1 artefacts and discuss what they were used for.



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