This week in school was Remembrance Week.

On Monday Year 3 had a very special visitor in class. Dorothy Hall talked about cenotaphs and what they are used for. She also talked about stained glass windows and why they are used in church. We looked at some memorials which had names of men who lost their lives during the war. We found out that St. Chad’s church and St. Cuthbert’s church in Gateshead both have memorials of the names of soldiers who died in the Teams area during World War 1.

On Tuesday morning we took part in an assembly with Naomi from the DLI Museum. We found out how WW1 happened, which countries and cultures were involved and even patriotism. In the afternoon we used pastels to create our poppy wreath which will be on display in our Remembrance garden.

On Wednesday morning Richard That History Bloke was in school. We learnt why men joined the war, reasons to join the war and sang a song about heroes who won the war.

We enjoyed a peace party in class on Thursday afternoon. We listened to WW1 music, watched Remembrance videos and had time to think about people who lost their lives during the war.

We took our poppy wreath up to the Remembrance garden at the end of the week. We said a quiet prayer and thought about families who have lost loved ones.

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