This week in Year 5 we have been remembering and researching people who lost their lives a hundred years ago, during the First World War.  We started our week off with a visit from a lady called Dorothy.  She told us her family history and about her relatives who fought in the war. Furthermore, she also spoke about people in the Teams area and where the war memorials were. Later that day, Year 5 visited Gateshead library.  They were all given a street map from the area and information on the families who lived, as well as fought, in the First World War.  They were able to research the history of these soldiers and where they lived.  It was very interesting as many were very close to where some children live today.  Finally, we have ended this remembrance week with a visit to our memorial garden.  We all payed our respects to all the people who fought and died to save our country.  We ended our week with a party, similar to the street victory parties that were carried out to celebrate the ending of the war.


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