This year marks 100 years since the end of the First World War and the signing of the Armistice to declare peace throughout the world. At St Aidan’s all of the children thoroughly enjoyed World War 1 week in which we took part in lots of activities to learn about the First World War and Remembrance. On Monday we received a visit from Dorothy, a member of the North East Memorials Project, and she told us all about the importance of war memorials in remembering the fallen soldiers. Then on Tuesday we learnt about Remembrance across the world during an assembly delivered by the Durham Light Infantry Museum. Tuesday was a very busy day indeed as we then visited the Fields of Remembrance in Saltwell Park with Year 1.It was lovely to have some time to reflect quietly on the sacrifice of the soldiers who gave their lives to save us. After our Collective Worship led by the Leading Lights on Friday morning, we took our wonderful and colourful poppy wreath to our Remembrance Garden. Finally we celebrated the end of the First World War with our very own victory party, just as they would have done in the summer of July 1919. We decorated our classroom with Great Britain flag bunting, made delicious poppy biscuits and watched real footage of Armistice Day in cities around the world. We even read a newspaper report about a street party in Pilgrim Street in Newcastle!

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