This morning Year 3 were very lucky to be able to take part in a Judo taster session.

We were introduced to Alan and John who were our judo instructors.

They talked about what judo is and what moves are included. We then played a warm up game called ‘Tails’. After the warm up the children were put into partners where they had to try and pull away the tail from the other person’s hands. We found out that in order to do this you must have a very strong grip.

We then played another game called ‘Attackers v Defenders’. In partners, one person had to lie flat on their back while the other person had to try to hold their partner down for 20 seconds. If the person lying down on the floor was able to escape, this was called ‘Escaping a judo pin’.

At the end of the lesson Alan and John gave us a leaflet with a free lesson of judo attached. They told us that if we came along to a lesson and enjoyed it other benefits included, trophies, medals and black and white captain belts.

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