As part of their DT topic, Year 6 had the pleasure of Technology Tom’s company. Firstly, he spoke about Leonardo da Vinci’s three flight inventions which included a helicopter and parachute using wood and textiles. Next, he spoke about a seesaw and how important the location of the pivot is. They then moved on to discussing catapults and he gave them a challenge, where they had to recreate one using  Leonardo da Vinci’s model. Then they tested them in the hall. Finally, they modified the catapults to shoot paper arrows.


After lunch, they discussed things that spin such as propellers, turbines and fans.Their first challenge was to create six paper tubes using A3 paper. They then had to design a structure which had to include  a spinning mechanism. Their last challenge was to create a simple wind turbine, using their designs and prior knowledge. After that they  had to work as a group to create their design. At the end of the day each group presented their models to the rest of the class and gave them Leonardo themed names such as Skelligcopter, Kikhoku, Di Cranium Lever and Leonardrawbridge.






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