Today we have been very lucky to meet our Italian friends in Thiene. We started the day with an early rise as we got ready to leave for School – (yes you heard right!). We were very excited on the long bus journey to see our friends.

When we arrived Raffa was ready and waiting for us in her usual flamboyant style. We went straight into the playground where all our Italian friends gave us a warm welcome by dancing, singing songs and performing a wake-up shake-up routine.

After this, the Mayor of Thiene and the Head Teacher Francesco arrived at school to welcome us. We then had a chance to play games with our Italian friends and make some new friends in other year groups. Playtime was a blast! We then went into class and made plasticine models of Juliet’s balcony and played some Italian games. While we did this, the teachers got the opportunities to walk around the school and see some Italian lessons. During one of the lessons the Italian children interviewed our teachers to test their English skills.

At the end of the school day, we were very lucky to exchange gifts and messages with our friends. When we finished at school we travelled to the local library where we had a tour, discovering ancient roman ruins and we even heard some Italian stories and performed drama.

Following this, we walked to the local park to meet our Italian friends again. Here, our counterparts had organised an amazing picnic with lots traditional Italian food. This day was nothing short of amazing and we have Raffa, as well as all the Italian staff and families to thank.

Our kids all loved their adventures today, there were so many highlights that we will have to tell you them all when we get home but until then, why not take a look at some of our day’s p

hotos below…

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