Our final day kicked off bright and early, or should I say drizzly and early. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite squeeze out 14 hours of sun today… so 8 will do.

Nonetheless, the weather wasn’t so much on our mind in comparison to the prospect of seeing the Gondola’s of Venice, perhaps even making our own way down a canal.

Indeed, the children were very excited to see a city we have now visited on 3 prior St. Aidan’s occasions. Yet, this year had a twist … we decided to create pink panther heist and trail throughout the city. All of the children had to attempt to work in teams, answer questions and even navigate the city streets and bridges to decrypt their scrambled message. It turns out the panther liked to use canals to navigate the city… so we had to do the same naturally.

As the children roamed the city in search of their answers, they gathered historical information that was apt to the places they were actually visiting, for example, “did you know the tower in St. Mark’s square is approx 100m tall?” Well the children now do!

After completing our terrific trail, we had a chance to shop and enjoy the luxuries that Venice brings to our trip. We truly feel lucky to not only visit this magnificent marvel of a city, but also to visit ITALIA in general.

Some of the children asked to have an input in this blog and stated…

“I am really enjoying this trip, I love being able to stay with our friends in Italy”

“I am really grateful for having this experience and want to thank my parents and Mrs Steele for it”

“This has been so much fun, we are all getting on and it’s just really good”


We hope everyone back home isn’t missing us too much… but if you are don’t worry, we’ve bought presents and will see you all soon. Another day filled with memories…and maybe some dreams too…

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