Today, Year 6 children attended a leavers service at Durham Cathedral.The children were split into two groups. In our groups we made our way around the different prayer spaces.

Prayer space 1.Please.

The children were asked if there was something that they were worried about -something that they wanted God to help them with. They chose a piece of coloured paper and drew around their hand, on their hand shape they wrote or drew the thing they wanted to put into God’s hands.Then they cut out the hand and stuck it onto the big display , leaving it in God’s hands.

Prayer space 2. Thank you

In the next space the children had to make a person out of a pipe cleaner, imaging the person they wanted to give it to.

Prayer space 3. Lego

The next activity was Lego. They were asked to look at the lego bricks and think about themselves as being one of those bricks, then build something that represented themselves.Next they had to take one brick and add it to the cross to show that they were part of a bigger picture.

Prayer space 4. Have your say

Finally , they had to take a moment to think about how they use their voice. Several questions were asked  ‘ What has been the most important thing in year six?”If you could change one thing about the world ,what would it be?’ The answer to these questions were then wrote on a speech bubble and placed on a wall.

At the end they had service filled with prayers and songs.

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