How lucky we all are here at St. Aidan’s to have a visit from 50+ Italians who came to celebrate the international schools partnership we commenced in 2017. After our successful trip in May, earlier this year, our Italian counterparts were determined to pay us a visit and do so in style, visiting not only our school but the local area and beyond… what an incredible experience.

During our welcome assembly, Mrs Steele discussed the theme of friendship and how it had blossomed in not only her life but many lives since the initiation of this wonderful project. Indeed, for many of our children, having the experience to see new cultures, communicate in different languages and learn with new friends can only be considered a unique and beautiful experience.

As a school we would like to thank the parents, both Italian and English, who supported this project, organised the masses and have made an effort to create a friendship that we hope will last for years to come. Thank you.

To all the teachers who have also spent hours of their additional time creating this wonderful project we thank you.

Finally, to our children (those who have been to Italy and those who desire to go one day), we hope this experience has been fruitful and something you will think of in years to come.

Proverbs (27:9) states, “A sweet friendship refreshes the soul”, we can certainly confirm this after our last week.

Take a look at our photos and video below to see for yourself…

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